Abandoned Technicolor Castle, Italy by Palmerston Hotels | via

The Castle of Sammezzano, near Florence, set in its own magnificent park of 185 hectares, is to become a luxurious Sporting Resort, incorporating a Boutique Hotel, Apartments, Spa and Country Club with Golf, Tennis and various sporting amenities.

Palmerston Hotels & Resorts with its joint venture partners have obtained all necessary planning approvals.

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Sleeping goose from today at North Park

Sleeping goose from today at North Park

Robert Crumb - Cartoonist [1992]



What Happens to Your Body after You Die? [animation]
  • from Scientific American

Whatever your beliefs, most people would agree that the body left behind when we depart this mortal coil is just a heap of bones and flesh. But what happens to those leftovers? Assuming that nature is left to its own devices, our bodies undergo a fairly standard process of decomposition that can take anywhere from two weeks to two years.”

Written & narrated by Mark Fischetti
Assistant editor: Kathryn Free
Produced, edited & animated by Eric R. Olson

(Source: Scientific American)



The little things can put a smile on your face !

Forrest Gump - 1994 - 2014


'The Jane' Restaurant by Piet Boon Studio.

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California Ave., San Francisco | California (by Christopher Soukup)


In 2012, a group of friends in Joensuu, Finland built a not-so-ordinary raft. The eclectic-looking boat has some unexpected amenities, one of which is a fully-functional sauna. It’s the product of a DIY project that’s known in Finnish as a Saunalautta, and it is an ingenious way to spend a day on the water.


The End of the Pier photos by Finn Hopson

"The slow demise of Brighton’s West Pier.

 The final section of the UK’s only grade II listed pier, photographed during some of the lowest tides of the year from 2012 until the present day. An ongoing project that will end once its finally disappeared into the sea. As seems appropriate for a project concerning the slow passing of time each image is shot as a very long exposure, varying from about 30 seconds to 4 minutes, isolating the details of this grand old structure in the water, and highlighting what’s no longer there. “

Prints available at finnhopson.com

Artist: Behance / Blog